Our Team

The Panworld Digital team is led by Shaleen Sinha, CEO & Director, and Gaurav Parwanda, Director.

Shaleen Sinha
CEO & Director

Shaleen Sinha brings with him a broad range of experience from a broad range of online media segments. A resume that boasts of journalism, SEO, Analytics, and conversion consultancy has given him a uniquely creative yet scientific perspective to business and marketing problems.

Consequently, Shaleen has developed the ability to visualise innovative, efficient and synergistic solutions to most problems. It is this ability honed by hard work and experience that allow him to implement what he visualises in a streamlined and cost-effective manner. Thus, Shaleen has the rare ability to inventively implement ideas that most people would just abandon as impossible.

Gaurav Parwanda is a second-generation businessman who has more than a decade of experience in business strategy and development. He is an entrepreneurial visionary, who is known for surfing ahead of most curves, regardless of how steep.

Gaurav’s key strengths is business networking along with devising all-inclusive growth models, a combination that he has used countless number of times to the benefit of his and others’ businesses. He takes pride in his ability to take the core vision of the company and not only bringing it forward but also improving upon it.

Together, the two of them make a team that is smartly driven and creatively insightful. Their combined skill set is geared towards a strategically sound and analytically ingenious digital marketing approach.

Gaurav Parwanda