Panworld Education Case Study


The Company

Panworld Education is a complete educational-content solutions provider. They have been supplying educational content in the Middle East & North Africa region for over 10 years. The range of customisable products and services they offer are designed for every environment, from focused professional courses to the curriculum-bound K-12 and Higher Education. They also offer complete ecosystem solutions for ministries and education boards.

The Dilemma

Even though all their business is conducted offline, they required an online presence to display their offerings. They came to us because they had an incomplete website which they felt wasn’t producing many conversions. They also wanted their on-ground, offline activities to be represented online.
In short, they wanted an online presence that helped their branding, explained their product offerings clearly, and helped in awareness building.

Our Solution

Since Panworld Education conducts its business offline, their online presence was required only for branding and brand awareness. E-commerce was not a requirement. They also required a presence on social media to create awareness about their on-ground activities.
We did an in-depth assessment of their needs, including data mining from five different gulf countries. Our conclusion was that they needed some restructuring of their website for a clearer picture of what they offer. This included the fact that they offer custom solutions, which was not apparent from the website. They also needed better conversion features and some redesigning on the website.


Responsive Website

The old website that Panworld Education had was not optimised for mobile devices. One of the first things we did was redesign the website to make it mobile friendly.

Logical Information Flow

The redesign focused on presenting information logically and coherently. We simplified the data they wanted to present and arranged it in a user-friendly and concise manner.

Menu Design

The old website had a hamburger menu that was not appropriate for a desktop site. It needed to be changed to a floating navigation bar at the top of the page.






Content is the most important thing a website can offer to a viewer. The Panworld Education website needed some reworking in this department. There were pages with no content. Also, the existing content needed coherence and organising.

Restructured Content For Clarity

We changed the navigation structure to make it more logical.

Restructured Offerings And Solutions

The old structure did not convey exactly what they offered. It was also not very obvious that they offered custom solutions for client needs. We organised their offerings under four well-defined verticals, and displayed the individual product offerings. These can be mixed-and-matched for custom solutions.
This helped in clarifying their product range, the offerings they had for each vertical, and also highlighted how customisable their content was.



Made The Home Page More Descriptive

In addition to organising the navigation menu, we also clarified the content on the Home page. This included adding a slider with information about each vertical we cater to.
Their list of partners and associates were displayed on the Home page, but were not prominent. We fixed that.



It was important to show their participation in on-ground events. This is why we added a dynamic list of events they were going to participate in. We also created an organised gallery of pictures of previous events.


Another important feature we focused on was social media. We added live feeds from their social media accounts, and social media buttons.

Added Landing Pages

For each Heading that the website listed, we created a landing page. The headings included About, Solutions, and Media pages. This helped in the organisation and clarification of the information they provide.


We also added landing pages for each individual event they participated in for more awareness.


Completed Missing Content

After re-organising content and categories, we still had pages with missing content. We created clear and high-quality content to populate them.


As we mentioned earlier, Panworld Education conducts their business offline. Their online presence is mainly for information and awareness. However, in order to maximise the conversion rate from the website, we included these features.

Live Chat Feature

Studies have shown that adding a live chat on your website can increase sales. Since the Panworld Education website is purely for product promotion, we felt this was an important feature that the website needed. Even if the website provides a detailed summary of offerings, it is still helpful to have the option of chatting with someone for additional information.


Contact Forms

In order to drive offline conversions, it is important for potential clients to be able to contact the company. To make this easier, we added contact forms to multiple pages including the Home and Contact page.


We also re-organised the Contact page to display contact information more prominently over the map for better information flow.

Newsletter Sign-Up

It was important for Panworld Education to build up their database of potential clients. This is why we added a newsletter subscription form.



After developing the website and fixing the issues with the content, we began the process of marketing the new and improved website. We also aimed to improve offline conversion through digital marketing.

Social Media Activity

While Panworld Education had social media pages, they required a structured marketing plan. These pages needed to be changed to reflect the updated look of the website. Additionally, since our clients were very active in various events, this needed to reflect in their social media campaigns.
To this end, we created event pages for every forthcoming event they were exhibiting at. We also linked the website Events pages with the social media pages. This served to promote not just the event and their participation, but also helped raise awareness among potential clients. These pages helped motivate potential clients into visiting them at the event, and driving conversion.


Press Releases

While activity awareness was a high priority for them, Panworld Education had no culture of press releases. We drafted and published a series of press releases for them. These were primarily concerned with promoting event participation. However, they also helped in link building, off page SEO optimisation, and brand awareness.


Email Marketing

In order to build brand awareness and promote online activity, we formulated email marketing strategies. The content of these emails was composed by us, and was developed on the basis of the data mining we did for them. We also sent these emails out for them.

The Results

The Panworld Education website was completed and handed over to the clients on 25/05/2017. It is still too soon to get any meaningful information out of the data that is trickling in.
The sales life cycle for Panworld Education is upwards of six months. This means that the conversion performance of the website cannot be measured through sales yet.
The general trend, however, is upwards. We are seeing a slow but steady increase in conversions through the newsletter sign-up, taking their database of email subscribers to almost 700 emails.
Watch this space for more detailed results in the future!