Getting Noticed by Potential Customers

Once the comprehensive marketing plan has been finalised, we ‘engage warp-drive’. Core assets like the website and social media pages are launched and aggressively promoted. Every step is taken to ensure the resources are visible to the right audience, and in a manner that will grab their attention.

Promotion is implemented through carefully-planned social media outreach programmes, social media ad marketing, AdWords marketing, and email marketing, as per requirements.

Building a Strong and Engaging Online Presence

We make every effort to ensure that our client achieves a compelling online presence.

We engage viewers with shareable content, including and not limited to blogs and infographics. Our content team goes all out in creating content that is well-researched, thorough, and informative, and also looks good.

Keeping it Fresh

Fresh content uploaded frequently is of no use if it is not linked to. Backlinks are one of the ways search engines determine the validity of the content. We are great at generating link bait that is not just high in quality but also highly linkable. Our content isn’t just technically brilliant… it’s also engaging.

Offline Campaigns

Additionally, we also launch the offline campaigns.

These may be through print media, like newspapers, magazines, journals or newsletters. We plan out participation in events that may benefit the business. We establish means to approach professionals and businesses to expand with.

Once we have launched the initial plan to engage the audience, we begin collecting the analytics data for the next step in our D.E.A.D. On Methodology, which is Assessment.

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