Understanding the Business

Developing a D.E.A.D. On marketing strategy for a company begins with understanding its specific needs and requirements. The first step to understanding how to succeed in the digital world is to realise that there is no ‘formula’ that can be applied to all companies. Each company is different, with different objectives, strengths, weaknesses, and customer base.

This is the reason why we, at Panworld Digital, begin our process by understanding the business before developing a strategy. We study the character of the company, marketing strategies already in place (if any), and what quantifiable metrics for success they value.

Identifying Target Customers and Building Customer Profiles

A very important step in understanding a business is identifying the target customers.

We build customer profiles; identify their behaviour and technology usage. Again, the strategies need to be adapted for the target customer behaviour and psychology.

Laying a Foundation and Setting Long-Term Goals

Building a strong foundation is the most important aspect of a sustainable business plan.

This is why we use the development stage to plan a technically-flawless website. If a company already has a website, we analyse it to for design and technical drawbacks. If we find any, we devise a plan to fix them.

We also use this phase to plan out the content of the social media pages to match the thrust of the marketing plan. We study the company and its customer profile to determine the best way to connect with the users on various social platforms.

This initial analysis of the business and its resources is the basis on which we build our strategy, long-term goals, and metrics for success upon.

These findings are used as benchmarks for measuring the success of our marketing campaigns.

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