Making Sure the Campaign is a Success

Once we have reached the highest rate of optimisation, we consider the campaign a success. However, unlike most other companies, when we say ‘deliver’, we do not mean the end of the process. The D.E.A.D. On Methodology has an ‘On’ in the name because it is ON-going.

What we deliver is success of the campaign.

Ensuring Client Satisfaction

We measure the success of the campaign based on the metrics we developed in the first stage. This could be in the form of sales, subscription, sign-ups, or even website performance. Only after we are convinced that the result we achieved cannot be improved upon do we consider a campaign complete.

If we aren’t satisfied, we go back to assessing and improving.

As marketing partners to all our clients, we measure our success by theirs. This means we are invested in how well their marketing efforts go. Thus, when we say we have delivered, we mean we took the campaign to the pinnacle of its potential. There is no more we can do, and it is now up to the clients to take it forward.

What Happens Next?

What comes after that is the next campaign, which goes through the same cycle of development, engagement, assessment, and delivery. We work with our clients and constantly innovate so they stay at the top of the rankings.

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