Monitoring Campaigns for Data and Analytics

Assessment of the launched campaigns is an important step in the D.E.A.D. On Methodology. Since our plans are based on empirical data, and not guess-work, we take analytics very seriously.

Every campaign we launch is monitored carefully.

Using Analytics to Improve the Campaign

Each report is analysed, all results are compared against the metrics we established at the beginning. Using the results from these analyses, we constantly tweak the campaign. If we see a strategy giving good results, we adapt the findings and see if we can get even better results.

Next, we collect data.

We use analytics to gather information, and use this data for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Advanced techniques are used to make our campaigns more effective and efficient.

The process starts with goals determination, and moves on to goals tracking, goals performance review, and goals revision.

Improving User Experience

Simultaneously, we also analyse and optimise the user experience. User experience optimisation leads to satisfied users who keep coming back for more

We begin with a usability assessment and UX analysis. Again, modifications to the user experience are monitored and analytical results used to design future plans for CRO as well as user experience optimisation.

In every case, we use A/B Multivariate testing to find the best possible combination of strategies and campaigns for optimal results. Sales Funnels are developed to maximise the user conversions. Each step is carefully thought out and implemented.

These streamlined plans are monitored, the analytics studied, and findings used to create a better plan. The cycle goes on and on until we perfect the results.

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