D.E.A.D-On™ Methodology

Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.
-The Red Queen, ‘Through The Looking Glass’ (Lewis Carroll)

Although used in the study of evolution, the Red Queen hypothesis is quite relevant in digital marketing as well. Here too, you must evolve constantly to remain at the top. This is exactly what we do for you, with our organic and constantly evolving 4-phase D.E.A.D-On™ Methodology.

We Develop, Engage, Assess, and Deliver, on and on and on.

Our D.E.A.D-On™ Methodology is based on the needs of the market and accumulated data. There is no ‘guess-work’, or trial-and- error, in our plans. Everything is based on metrics and test results.

This is the stage where we analyse the needs of the client,their client base,and goals.

Each strategy is based on our initial client study and customer behaviour.We study the needs, identify the target customer, and devise the plan.

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Once a comprehensive plan with a measurable goal is devised, we put it in action.

Audience is engaged with online and offline content.We put out shareable content and draw in the viewers.

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Each campaign's success is measured against the goals set.

Additional data is used to analyse how the campaign can be made more effective.

Every bit of data gathered goes into making the project more successful.

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We use analytics to get each campaign to a stage where it might be considered 'complete'.

Of course, as the Red Queen says, we must keep running to stay at the top.

So we deliver it to the client,so they can take it forward,and we move on to the next plan.

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Conversion is a confluence of multiple elements. By focusing on development, engagement, and assessment, we’ve got all of them covered.

Our D.E.A.D-On™ Methodology can yield rich dividends for you.

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