Manakin Press Case Study


The Company

Manakin Press is an academic publishing house based in New Delhi. They also have offices in the UK and UAE, with a distribution network over the MENA region, SE Asia, and Europe. Their speciality is highly niche subjects in fields ranging from Science & Technology, Management, Literature, and more.

Their clients include bulk buyers like libraries, institutes, and universities, and distributors. They also sell directly to customers. Being a publishing house, they also seek authors who are looking for publishers. They are especially helpful towards new or first-time authors.

The Dilemma

Manakin Press required a complete marketing solution. They had a unique requirement where they needed conversions over four separate channels – Authors, Institutions and Libraries, Distribution channels, and Direct Customers. In addition, they required a comprehensive online presence, including social media.

Our Solution

We analysed their old website and found several problems that needed fixing. The first and biggest issue was that their site was not responsive. There were on-page SEO issues, missing meta tags, meta tags were missing keywords, and the website loading time was quite slow at nearly 15s.


Their pages were missing Heading tags. The text-to-HTML ratio was 7%, indicating that the site was code-heavy. Images were missing alt tags. We found several HTML and CSS errors that would have affected the rankings adversely. Another factor that affected their ranking was not enough high-quality backlinks.

Besides the technical problems, there were some issues with the content as well. Because of their diverse conversion channels, their information flow needed clarity. Their online book store was not organised logically and was missing proper filters for easy search.

In addition to the problems in the website, there was also the issue of their social media activity. Their activity was quite low, which meant they didn’t have enough audience engagement.

Our first logical step was to fix the website. The process was divided into three parts – Design, Content, and Technical.


Responsive Design

We planned the new website design layout keeping responsive design in mind. Part of this was reorganising the layout for a more logical and efficient information flow.

Defined Sales Funnels

The organisation of the website was rearranged to form four distinct sales funnels. These sales funnels were displayed prominently with their own calls-to-action on the Home page.


Restructured Main Menu

The Main Menu was restructured to make it more streamlined and organised. This too was based around the four navigation pillars that were the conversion channels.





Each conversion channel was given its own landing page, and content that was relevant to the varied needs.

We also redesigned the Book Store page and the individual products pages under it.


Fresh Content

Since the old information flow needed logical reorganisation, the entire content of the website was recreated. We created header images for each channel’s landing page.


Each channel was given fresh content. We created author guidelines from scratch. These included the book proposal form and the Manakin Press Stylesheet.

Organised Product Offerings

The products, product descriptions, and price list were used to generate a downloadable brochure. The Books titles sheet was reorganised logically. Additionally, we also created product descriptions and meta descriptions for external marketplaces for their books.

Revamped The E-Commerce Page

The old book store did not offer any payment options to international buyers except Paypal. We integrated a third-party payment gateway that would allow multiple payment methods. We also implemented search filters to make it easier for users to search through the products for exactly what they needed. To make it even easier, we included a ‘Related Products’ feature on the individual product pages.


Since the book store mainly catered to the direct buyers, the website needed a better system for bulk buying. To enable this, we created a bulk order page with a dynamic form. This page was built to cater to online ordering as


We also created a dynamic price list page especially for bulk orders from universities.


Created Blog And Posts For It

The old Manakin Press website did not have a blog on it or associated with it. Logic dictated that a company with such a large knowledge-based product and service line should have a blog on the website. To this end, we created one, and generated content for it as well. This blog was designed to showcase their publishing knowledge, their unique perspective on the publishing industry, as well as the author base they have.



Responsive Website

As mentioned earlier, creating a responsive site was one of our top priorities for Manakin Press.

Recoded Website

This process included fixing any HTML and CSS errors that were detected.

On-Page SEO Optimisation

Our aim was to develop a semantically correct website that was optimised for search engines. This meant giving each page a keyword-optimised meta-tag and meta-description. All images were given alt tags. All pages were given proper header tags.

Page Load Time Reduced

Images were optimised for the web to reduce the amount of data that needed to be downloaded for page load. We are quite pleased with the fact that in spite of adding more content to the website, we managed to bring down the page load time to under 7s.


In addition, we added some other conversion features to help with the online promotion. These included:

Live Chat Feature

We included the Live Chat feature to drive conversions for all four sales funnels.

Contact Form

We added a contact form on every page for easy communication.

Social Media Integration


Social media buttons were added to the website, for easy sharing and engagement.


While Manakin Press is well-known in the publishing circuits and with a number of Universities and institutions, it needed some promotion to increase its outreach. Once their website was redesigned and optimised, our next step was to promote it online.

Email Marketing

We took advantage of the vast database of connections Manakin Press has and used these for email marketing. The target was the vast education sector, through the 36,000+ emails Manakin Press had in their database.
We planned different marketing campaigns for each of their four channels. The idea was to present the product range to buyers, and engage authors for content.

Social Media Pages

Manakin Press did not have a great deal of social media presence. We refurbished the pages they already had. We also created accounts with content for the relevant social media platforms where they were not present.

The Results

Even though the website has been online for less than two months, Manakin Press has already seen an increase in online sales. They have had almost 50% increase in domestic sales and a 30% increase in international sales.
Since it has been a very short time, we are still collecting and collating data we are getting from the various campaigns. We shall keep updating the results here as we get more information.